Nicole Nell [Choreograph Your Market]


Nicole Nell, owner of Visual Sound Productions, shares her journey of starting as a DJ and expanding into AV and production. She discusses how she integrated her background in dance choreography with DJing and production to create unique experiences for dance competitions. Nicole also explains the importance of brand recognition and quality in her business and the process of creating divisions within her company. She emphasizes the value of cross-pollination and utilizing versatile staff members. Finally, she highlights the significance of profitability and scalability in building a successful business.


  • Integrating different skills and services can create unique experiences and set your business apart.
  • Focusing on brand recognition and quality can help establish your business as an expert in your industry.
  • Creating divisions within your company can provide focus and specialization.
  • Utilizing versatile staff members can enhance cross-pollination and efficiency.
  • Profitability and scalability are crucial for long-term success.
Nicole Nell [Choreograph Your Market]
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