Meeting Mastery


In this episode, David Osborne discusses the importance of communication and how it plays a role in optimizing opportunities. He shares insights on how to have a sync meeting, which is a synchronous meeting where all participants actively contribute to the discussion. David emphasizes the need for a purpose, active participation, a set agenda, and a cadence or system for next steps in sync meetings. He also highlights the importance of asynchronous communication tools for offloading tasks that don't require real-time participation. Additionally, David shares how he applies sync meetings in his personal life. 

  • Communication is key in optimizing opportunities and building successful relationships.
  • Sync meetings are important for aligning vision, reporting on execution, and fostering active participation.
  • A sync meeting should have a clear purpose, active contribution from all attendees, a set agenda, and a cadence for future meetings.
  • Asynchronous communication tools like Slack, Loom, Google Drive, project management software, Canva presentations, shared calendars, and Fathom can enhance collaboration and efficiency.
Meeting Mastery
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