Leah Weinberg [Contracts & Compliance]


In this episode, host David Osborne interviews Leah Weinberg, a lawyer and former wedding planner, about her journey from wedding planning to starting her own law firm. They discuss the importance of client contracts, including force majeure and payment provisions, as well as the challenges of distinguishing between employees and independent contractors. Leah emphasizes the need for proactive legal measures to avoid client disputes and the importance of taking care of both clients and industry colleagues. She also introduces her Legally Set contract templates and shares her vision of infusing creativity and hospitality into the legal profession.


  • Client contracts should include provisions for force majeure, rescheduling, and cancellation, as well as clear payment terms.
  • It is important to distinguish between employees and independent contractors to comply with labor laws and avoid legal issues.
  • Taking care of clients and industry colleagues is crucial for building a successful business.
  • Legally Set contract templates provide a convenient and affordable option for small business owners to ensure legal compliance.
Leah Weinberg [Contracts & Compliance]
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