Kristin Hubbard [Growing With Intention]


In this episode, David Osborne interviews Kristin Hubbard, owner of Our DJ Rocks Multi-Op in Orlando, Florida. They discuss Kristin's journey in building her multi-op and the importance of personal and professional growth. Kristin shares her origin story, starting as a solo operator and growing her team to include 10 DJs. She emphasizes the significance of training and developing talent, as well as setting goals for growth. Kristin highlights the importance of aligning personal and financial goals and maintaining a strong company culture. The episode concludes with a reminder to build others up and serve others as the driving force behind building a multi-op.

  • Building a multi-op requires a focus on personal and professional growth.
  • Training and developing talent is crucial for the success of a multi-op.
  • Setting goals for growth should include personal and financial aspects.
  • Maintaining a strong company culture is essential for building a successful multi-op.

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Kristin Hubbard [Growing With Intention]
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