John Simmons [Art of the Hustle]

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In this episode, David Osborne interviews Johnathan Simmons, owner of Crown Entertainment, a Multi-Op DJ & AV production company. They discuss John's approach to opportunity and his hustle mentality. John shares his strategies for networking and building relationships, including finding common connections and crafting an elevator pitch. They also talk about John's impressive business growth and the importance of believing in oneself. The conversation concludes with a discussion on personal and professional improvement and the upcoming Midwest DJs Live event. Throughout the episode, John emphasizes the value of hard work and the impact of the program.

  • Say yes to opportunities and figure it out along the way.
  • Build a team and inspire them to hustle.
  • Networking is essential for business growth.
  • Craft an elevator pitch that showcases your passion and leaves room for further conversation.
  • Believe in yourself and overcome doubt to achieve success.
  • Continuous improvement in business is parallel to personal growth.
  • Embrace new opportunities and be open to learning and growth.
  • The Blueprint Teams program provides valuable resources for business owners.
John Simmons [Art of the Hustle]
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