Ed Petty [General Management]


Ed Petty, the general manager of LeForce Event Group, shares his journey from DJing at a skating rink to managing a successful event group. He discusses the evolution of his role, the organizational structure of LeForce, and the challenges of daily operations. Ed's insights into leadership, management, and strategic planning provide valuable takeaways for business owners and managers.

  • Ed's journey from DJing at a skating rink to becoming the general manager of LeForce Event Group showcases the evolution of his role and the growth of the company.
  • The organizational structure of LeForce, including the roles of key personnel and the division of responsibilities, highlights the importance of effective leadership and management.
  • Ed's approach to daily operations, including problem-solving, triage, and forward-thinking, demonstrates the critical skills needed for successful business management.
  • The collaboration between Ed and the Blueprint team exemplifies the value of leveraging technology and strategic planning to enhance business operations and drive growth.
Ed Petty [General Management]
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