Chad Blackburn [Karaoke Kickstart]


Chad Blackburn, owner of Almost Famous Entertainment, shares his journey of building a successful multi-op karaoke company. He started out as a karaoke host, going door to door in San Diego to find gigs. Over the years, he expanded his services to include DJing, trivia, and photo booths, growing Almost Famous into a multifunctioning entertainment brand. Chad emphasizes the importance of hard work, putting yourself out there, and being different in the karaoke industry. He also discusses the qualities he looks for in his hosts and the unique energy and concert-like vibe they bring to their shows. Chad shares tips for success in the karaoke business, including being innovative with equipment and creating a memorable experience for singers. He also talks about his recent venture into the wedding industry with the acquisition of Diamond Entertainment.


  • Building a successful multi-op karaoke company requires hard work, putting yourself out there, and being innovative.
  • Creating a memorable experience for singers and being different from other karaoke shows can set you apart.
  • Finding hosts with outgoing personalities and a passion for singing and entertaining is crucial.
  • Scaling down equipment to fit in any vehicle and focusing on the essentials can make setup and transportation easier.
  • Expanding into new markets, such as the wedding industry, can provide new opportunities for growth.
Chad Blackburn [Karaoke Kickstart]
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