Brian Buonassissi [Optimizing Opportunity]


In this episode, David Osborne interviews Brian Bonassisi, also known as DJ Brian B, about running a healthy and scalable multi-op business. Brian shares his journey from being a DJ in the nightlife sector to starting his own multi-op in Florida. He discusses the importance of running a business like it's sellable and the challenges of transitioning to a remote multi-op. Brian emphasizes the need to delegate and empower others, as well as the importance of open communication and setting expectations in both business and personal life.

  • Running a business like it's sellable is important for its health and scalability.
  • Transitioning to a remote multi-op requires clear communication and empowering a general manager.
  • Delegating and empowering others is crucial for growth and success.
  • Balancing multiple responsibilities requires open communication, setting expectations, and prioritizing self-care.
Brian Buonassissi [Optimizing Opportunity]
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