Set Better Goals for '24

In this episode, David Osborne discusses the framework of setting goals. He emphasizes the importance of reflection, visualization, brainstorming, filtering, prioritizing, creating smart goals, creating a plan, taking daily actions, and scheduling and accountability. By following this process, individuals can transform themselves and achieve their desired outcomes.

  • Reflection is an important step in goal setting as it allows individuals to assess their current situation and determine if any changes are needed.
  • Visualization helps individuals imagine their future and set goals that align with their desired outcomes.
  • Brainstorming goals in different areas of life, such as mental, spiritual, physical, family, financial, personal, and career, allows for a comprehensive approach to goal setting.
  • Filtering and prioritizing goals helps individuals focus on the most important and impactful goals.
  • Creating smart goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound increases the likelihood of success.
  • Creating a plan, taking daily actions, and scheduling and accountability are essential for goal achievement.
Set Better Goals for '24
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